Descemet stripping with automated endothelial keratoplasty: A comparative study of outcome in patients with preexisting glaucoma

Pho Nguyen, Shabnam Khashabi, Vikas Chopra, Brian Francis, Martin Heur, Jonathan C. Song, Samuel C. Yiu

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Purpose: To compare postoperative complications after Descemet stripping with automated endothelial keratoplasty (DSAEK) in patients with and without glaucoma. Methods: For this retrospective study a series of 298 DSAEK cases performed at the Doheny Eye Institute were taken, we compared postoperative complications in eyes with glaucoma on medication (55) or with previous glaucoma surgeries (64) with a time-matched group of all other DSAEK cases (179, control). Results: With a mean follow-up of 1.85 ± 1.12. years, the complication rates were 12.8%, 11.1%, and 26.8% for postoperative graft detachment, graft failure, and IOP elevation, respectively. Graft detachment was an independent risk factor for graft failure (odds ratio OR = 12.35, 95% confidence interval CI [5.46-27.90], P < 0.001). Graft detachment was not associated with either history of glaucoma or glaucoma surgery (P > 0.05). Glaucoma on medication had no increased risks of graft failure compared to normal eyes (P = 0.38). However, increased risk of failure was seen in eyes with prior incisional glaucoma surgeries (OR = 4.26, 95% CI [1.87-9.71], P < 0.001). Medically managed glaucoma has increased risks of postoperative IOP elevation (OR = 2.39, 95% CI [1.25-4.57], P = 0.013), whereas surgically managed glaucoma has no significant elevation (P = 0.23). Elevation of IOP was not significantly correlated with graft failure (P = 0.21). Conclusion: DSAEK is the preferred treatment for corneal endothelial dystrophy. We observed that having glaucoma or glaucoma surgery is not associated with graft detachment. A history of glaucoma surgery and postoperative graft detachment appeared to be important risk factors for graft failure. And more studies are indicated to study long-term IOP evolution in post-DSAEK patients and its association with graft survival.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)73-78
Number of pages6
JournalSaudi Journal of Ophthalmology
Issue number2
StatePublished - Apr 2013
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  • Cornea transplant
  • Drainage device
  • Glaucoma
  • Graft failure
  • Intraocular pressure
  • Trabeculoplasty
  • Tube shunt

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