CS1 promotes multiple myeloma cell adhesion, clonogenic growth, and tumorigenicity via c-maf-mediated interactions with bone marrow stromal cells (Blood (2009) 113, 18, (4309-4318))

Y. T. Tai, E. Soydan, W. Song, M. Fulciniti, K. Kim, F. Hong, X. F. Li, P. Burger, M. J. Rumizen, S. Nahar, K. Podar, T. Hideshima, N. C. Munshi, G. Tonon, R. D. Carrasco, D. E.H. Afar, K. C. Anderson

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Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)2983
Number of pages1
Issue number14
StatePublished - Apr 8 2010

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  • Biochemistry
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