Corrigendum: Distinct neural circuits for control of movement vs. holding still (J Neurophysiol, (2017) 117, (1431-1460), 10.1152/jn.00840.2016)

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The author issues a correction to his review article “Distinct neural circuits for control of movement vs. holding still.” This correction does not affect any conclusions of the article and has arisen because the author was made aware of an important publication (Cheron et al. 1986) that was not cited in the review. On page 1435, first column, it should read “Cheron et al. (1986), and subsequently Cannon and Robinson (1987), discovered one such circuit in the dorsal rostral medulla, a region where neurons project onto the abducens nucleus.” On page 1442, second column, it should read “Kaneko (1997) had confirmed Cheron et al. (1986) and Cannon and Robinson’s (1987) finding that damage to the prepositus impaired the animal’s ability to hold the eyes steady following the saccade.”

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