Comparison of FIMR programs with other perinatal systems initiatives.

Karen A. McDonnell, Donna M. Strobino, Katherine M. Baldwin, Holly Grason, Dawn P. Misra

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OBJECTIVES: While the goals of fetal and infant mortality review (FIMR) programs and other perinatal systems initiatives (PSI) are similar, our knowledge of the processes they use to meet their goals is limited. This article compares a nationwide sample of FIMR programs and PSIs with regard to their roles and involvement in performance of eight essential maternal and child health services (EMCHS) as part of a national evaluation of FIMR. METHODS: The evaluation was a cross-sectional observational study in which geographic units were sampled based on the presence or absence of a FIMR or other PSI using FIMRs as the sampling frame of reference. Telephone interviews were conducted with 74 FIMR and 62 PSI directors in the sampled communities. RESULTS: Both programs performed several of the essential MCH services. FIMRs were significantly more likely to be located in a local health department than were PSIs. The results of multiple logistic regression analyses indicate that the performance of the essential MCH services by the programs was increased when both a FIMR and a PSI were in the community. FIMR programs alone had reduced odds of performing several essential MCH services than did PSIs alone. The findings also indicate that performance of some essential MCH services was reduced for FIMR programs and PSIs located in a local health department. CONCLUSIONS: Comparisons between FIMR and other PSIs suggest that both programs are currently engaged in diverse efforts to attain their goal of improving the health and health care delivery system for pregnant women, infants, and their families. FIMR programs appear to be more circumscribed in their activities than PSIs, but the presence of both programs in a community appears to enhance the programs' performance of the essential MCH services.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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Number of pages8
JournalMaternal and child health journal
Issue number4
StatePublished - Dec 2004
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