Childhood amyotrophic lateral sclerosis caused by excess sphingolipid synthesis

Payam Mohassel, Sandra Donkervoort, Museer A. Lone, Matthew Nalls, Kenneth Gable, Sita D. Gupta, A. Reghan Foley, Ying Hu, Jonas Alex Morales Saute, Ana Lucila Moreira, Fernando Kok, Alessandro Introna, Giancarlo Logroscino, Christopher Grunseich, Alec R. Nickolls, Naemeh Pourshafie, Sarah B. Neuhaus, Dimah Saade, Andrea Gangfuß, Heike KölbelZoe Piccus, Claire E. Le Pichon, Chiara Fiorillo, Cindy V. Ly, Ana Töpf, Lauren Brady, Sabine Specht, Aliza Zidell, Helio Pedro, Eric Mittelmann, Florian P. Thomas, Katherine R. Chao, Chamindra G. Konersman, Megan T. Cho, Tracy Brandt, Volker Straub, Anne M. Connolly, Ulrike Schara, Andreas Roos, Mark Tarnopolsky, Ahmet Höke, Robert H. Brown, Chia Hsueh Lee, Thorsten Hornemann, Teresa M. Dunn, Carsten G. Bönnemann

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


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