Cell cycle dependent genes inducible by different mitogens in cells from different species

C. W. Gibson, S. R. Rittling, R. R. Hirschhorn, L. Kaczmarek, B. Calabretta, C. D. Stiles, R. Baserga

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A number of genes and cDNA sequences (including at least four oncogenes) are known to be expressed in a cell cycle-dependent manner, i.e. the levels of specific mRNAs vary with the phases of the cell cycle. In order to explore the significance of some of these sequences in the mitogenic response, we have investigated the expression of 8 cell cycle-dependent sequences (plus two control sequences, not expressed in a cell cycle-dependent manner) under a variety of conditions. These conditions included cells of different types, from different species, stimulated to proliferate by different mitogens. The genes (or sequences) studied included five cDNA clones whose sequences are preferentially expressed in early G1, i.e. two cDNA clones inducible by platelet-derived growth factor (JE-3 and KC-1), and three cDNA clones inducible by serum (2A9, 2F1, 4F1); and three oncogenes (c-myc, c-rasHa and p53) whose expression is known to be cell cycle-dependent. All of the tested genes, except 2A9, c-rasHa and the control genes, are expressed in a cell cycle-dependent manner in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells stimulated by phytohemagglutinin and in serum-stimulated mouse and Syrian hamster fibroblasts. The inducibility of these genes by different mitogens in cells of different types and from different species strongly suggests that these genes play a role in cell cycle progression. This conclusion is further supported by the known structural and functional similarities between cell-cycle dependent genes, oncogenes and genes coding for cell-cycle related molecules.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)61-69
Number of pages9
JournalMolecular and Cellular Biochemistry
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jun 1986
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  • cell cycle
  • gene expression
  • oncogenes

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