Case-controlled evaluation of body mass index as a predictor of post-ERCP related pancreatitis and abdominal pain

R. M. Bashir, D. Pinto, F. H. Al-Kawas

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An increased incidence of post-ERCP pancreatitis has been associated with multiple factors; however, to our knowlegde, increased body mass index (BMI=weight in kg/(height in m)2) has not been evaluated as a potential risk factor. Purpose: Our aim was to determine if obesity or other clinical factors is correlated with an increased risk of post-ERCP related pancreatitis or abdominal (abd) pain without chemical pancreatitis. Methods: Endoscopy records and ASGE database entries on 1,852 consecutive patients undergoing ERCP were reviewed. All patients experiencing post-ERCP pancreatitis or abdominal pain requiring hospitailzation were identified. BMI and ideal body weight (IBW) were calculated for each patient. Age, gender, and ERCP interventions (sphincter of Oddi mamometry, sphincterotomy, stent placement) were matched and control groups (C) established. Patients with acute pancreatitis at the time of ERCP were excluded. Results: Post-ERCP pancreatitis occurred in 51/1852 patients (36 females (F), 15 males (M), (2.8%)); abdominal pain, without evidence of chemical pancreatitis, occurred in 25/1852 patients (20 F, 5 M, (1.3%)); 13 patients (9 F, 4 M) were excluded due to insufficient data. GROUP SEX N BMi(kg/m2) %OVER IBW Pancreatitis F 31 28.04*(p=.02) 37.0%*(p<.01) Control F 31 24.88 11.2% Pancreatitis M 10 26.74 16.35% Control M 10 25.95 12.26% Abd pain F 18 29.09*(p<.05) 30.7%*(p<.01) Control F 18 25.57 13.3% Abd.Pain M 4 25.43 10.8% Control M 4 25.26 9.3% Panacreatitis All 41 27.72 30.4% Abd Pain All 22 28.42 26.7% Compared to controls, BMI and % over IBW in both the pancreatitis (p=.02 and p<.01) and abd pain (p<.05 and p<.01) groups were significantly higher in females but not in males. This association was not affected by interventions during ERCP. Overall, there were no significant differences between the pancreatitis and abd pain groups Conclusions: Obesity in females appears to be associated with a higher risk for post-ERCP pancreatitis and abd pain More data to support these conclusions are needed.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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JournalGastrointestinal endoscopy
Issue number4
StatePublished - 1996
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