Carbon monoxide exposure from commercial brand cigarettes under controlled smoking conditions

Linda L. Weinhold, Maxine L. Stitzer, John E. Yingling

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Carbon monoxide (CO) exposure from ultralow-, low- and high-CO delivery commerical cigarettes was examined under controlled smoking conditions. Seven chronic smokers of mid- to high-CO delivery commercial cigarettes served in the experiment. CO level increases of 2.10, 5.76 and 7.38 ppm were obtained from ultralow-yield (1.6 mg CO delivery), low-yield (5.9 mg CO delivery) and high-yield (14.3 mg CO delivery) cigarettes, respectively. Subjects achieved significantly higher increases in CO levels from both low- and high-yield cigarettes than from ultralow-yield cigarettes, but increased levels of CO from low-and high-yield cigarettes were not different from each other. The data suggest that degree of CO absorption by the lungs during a short period of time may limit increases in CO levels obtained from high-yield cigarettes.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)93-96
Number of pages4
JournalPharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior
Issue number1
StatePublished - Sep 1988


  • Carbon monoxide
  • Cigarette smokers
  • Cigarettes
  • Smoking topography

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  • Biochemistry
  • Toxicology
  • Pharmacology
  • Clinical Biochemistry
  • Biological Psychiatry
  • Behavioral Neuroscience


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