Attention to Physical Activity-Equivalent Calorie Information on Nutrition Facts Labels: An Eye-Tracking Investigation

Julia A. Wolfson, Dan J. Graham, Sara N Bleich

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Objective: Investigate attention to Nutrition Facts Labels (NFLs) with numeric only vs both numeric and activity-equivalent calorie information, and attitudes toward activity-equivalent calories. Design: An eye-tracking camera monitored participants' viewing of NFLs for 64 packaged foods with either standard NFLs or modified NFLs. Participants self-reported demographic information and diet-related attitudes and behaviors. Setting: Participants came to the Behavioral Medicine Lab at Colorado State University in spring, 2015. Participants: The researchers randomized 234 participants to view NFLs with numeric calorie information only (n = 108) or numeric and activity-equivalent calorie information (n = 126). Main Outcome Measure(s): Attention to and attitudes about activity-equivalent calorie information. Analysis: Differences by experimental condition and weight loss intention (overall and within experimental condition) were assessed using . t tests and Pearson's chi-square tests of independence. Results: Overall, participants viewed numeric calorie information on 20% of NFLs for 249 ms. Participants in the modified NFL condition viewed activity-equivalent information on 17% of NFLs for 231 ms. Most participants indicated that activity-equivalent calorie information would help them decide whether to eat a food (69%) and that they preferred both numeric and activity-equivalent calorie information on NFLs (70%). Conclusions and Implications: Participants used activity-equivalent calorie information on NFLs and found this information helpful for making food decisions.

Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalJournal of Nutrition Education and Behavior
StateAccepted/In press - 2016



  • Calorie information
  • Eye tracking
  • Nutrition labeling

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