Attempted Suicide in Bipolar Disorder Pedigrees: Evidence for Linkage to 2p12

Virginia L. Willour, Peter P. Zandi, Judith A. Badner, Jo Steele, Kuangyi Miao, Victor Lopez, Dean F. MacKinnon, Francis M. Mondimore, Barbara Schweizer, Melvin Mcinnis, Erin B. Miller, J. Raymond DePaulo, Elliot S. Gershon, Francis J. McMahon, James B. Potash

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Background: We are interested in identifying susceptibility genes that predispose subjects to attempted suicide. Methods: We conducted a secondary analysis of genome-wide linkage data from 162 bipolar pedigrees that incorporated attempted suicide as a clinical covariate. Results: The strongest covariate-based linkage signal was seen on 2p12 at marker D2S1777. The logarithm of odds (LOD) score at marker D2S1777 rose from 1.56 to 3.82 after inclusion of the suicide covariate, resulting in significant chromosome-wide empirically derived p-values for the overall linkage finding (p = .01) and for the change in LOD score after the inclusion of the covariate (p = .02). Conclusions: The finding on chromosome 2 replicates results from two previous studies of attempted suicide in pedigrees with alcohol dependence and in pedigrees with recurrent early-onset depression. Combined, these three studies provide compelling evidence for a locus influencing attempted suicide on 2p12.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)725-727
Number of pages3
JournalBiological psychiatry
Issue number5
StatePublished - Mar 1 2007


  • Alcoholism
  • COGA
  • attempted suicide
  • bipolar disorder
  • depression
  • linkage

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  • Biological Psychiatry

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    Willour, V. L., Zandi, P. P., Badner, J. A., Steele, J., Miao, K., Lopez, V., MacKinnon, D. F., Mondimore, F. M., Schweizer, B., Mcinnis, M., Miller, E. B., DePaulo, J. R., Gershon, E. S., McMahon, F. J., & Potash, J. B. (2007). Attempted Suicide in Bipolar Disorder Pedigrees: Evidence for Linkage to 2p12. Biological psychiatry, 61(5), 725-727.