Association of human papillomavirus with nasal neoplasia

T. C. Wu, J. M. Trujillo, P. Mounts, H. K. Kashima

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Since HPV-57b has been identified by two different techniques in benign, premalignant, and malignant lesions of the nasal cavity, but not in cases of chronic sinusitis, H PV-57 should be recognised as at least a co-factor in the aetiology of nasal neoplasia. Paraffin sections of 22 histologically confirmed nasal tumours were screened by in-situ hybridisation with riboprobes specific for HPV-57b. Virus was demonstrated in 6 of 7 fungiform papillomas, 6 of 8 inverted papillomas, 1 of 3 inverted papillomas with dysplasia, and 2 of 4 inverted papillomas with carcinoma. The presence of HPV-57b was confirmed with the polymerase chain reaction, which identified an additional 4 positive samples, bringing the total to 86% positive specimens. The results underscore the importance of HPVs in the aetiology of cancers at extragenital sites.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)522-524
Number of pages3
JournalThe Lancet
Issue number8844
StatePublished - Feb 27 1993

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