An update on the Scianna blood group system

P. A.R. Brunker, W. A. Flegel

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This update of the Scianna blood group system (Brunker PA, Flegel WA. Scianna: The lucky 13th blood group system. Immunohematology 2011;27:41 57) provides the recent work on the genetic variation of ERMAP across more world populations, the elucidation of the molecular basis of an historical serologic case, new cases of antibodies in the system, the development of new serologic reagents, and new discoveries in the biology of the erythroid membrane associated protein (ERMAP). Although genetic variation in ERMAP has been extensively cataloged, nonsynonymous variants associated with alloantigens have remained limited, and no new antigens have been identified. The first case of a severe hemolytic transfusion reaction to anti-Sc2 has recently been reported, highlighting the importance of pursuing the possibility of antibodies to low-prevalence antigens via indirect antiglobulin testing as a routine component of all transfusion reaction investigations. The expanding use of molecular testing in blood centers and transfusion services has uncovered a wider population distribution of Scianna antigens and heightened the awareness of this blood group system. The International Society of Blood Transfusion recognizes seven antigens in the Scianna blood group system 13.

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StatePublished - 2020


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