Advancing the science of patient safety

Paul G. Shekelle, Peter J Pronovost, Robert M. Wachter, Stephanie L. Taylor, Sydney M. Dy, Robbie Foy, Susanne Hempel, Kathryn M. McDonald, John Ovretveit, Lisa V. Rubenstein, Alyce S. Adams, Peter B. Angood, David W. Bates, Leonard Bickman, Pascale Carayon, Liam Donaldson, Naihua Duan, Donna O. Farley, Trisha Greenhalgh, John HaughomEileen T. Lake, Richard Lilford, Kathleen N. Lohr, Gregg S. Meyer, Marlene R. Miller, Duncan V. Neuhauser, Gery Ryan, Sanjay Saint, Kaveh G. Shojania, Stephen M. Shortell, David P. Stevens, Kieran Walshe

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Despite a decade's worth of effort, patient safety has improved slowly, in part because of the limited evidence base for the development and widespread dissemination of successful patient safety practices. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality sponsored an international group of experts in patient safety and evaluation methods to develop criteria to improve the design, evaluation, and reporting of practice research in patient safety. This article reports the findings and recommendations of this group, which include greater use of theory and logic models, more detailed descriptions of interventions and their implementation, enhanced explanation of desired and unintended outcomes, and better description and measurement of context and of how context influences interventions. Using these criteria and measuring and reporting contexts will improve the science of patient safety.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)693-696
Number of pages4
JournalAnnals of internal medicine
Issue number10
StatePublished - May 17 2011

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