Acute and Late Skin Toxicity from Breast Radiation

Lindsey Sloan, Sara Alcorn

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Acute and late skin toxicities are an unfortunate but expected side effect of breast cancer treatment with radiation therapy. Thoughtful consideration of the normal structure and function of the skin and the anatomy of the breast may facilitate understanding and anticipation of radiation-related skin reactions. Specific acute and late toxicities have been described and are largely evaluated using provider-reported ratings of clinical exam findings. Risks for development of skin toxicity are likely related to both patient-and treatment-specific factors. Most techniques for the management of skin toxicity are experience-based or supported by small, non-randomized studies. Adoption of more detailed assessments of dermal injury following radiotherapy may improve understanding of discrete entities and identify new avenues toward the development of tailored management strategies for specific radiation-related skin toxicities.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationToxicities of Radiation Treatment for Breast Cancer
Subtitle of host publicationRisks and Management Strategies
PublisherSpringer International Publishing
Number of pages18
ISBN (Electronic)9783030116200
ISBN (Print)9783030116194
StatePublished - Jan 1 2019


  • Acute and late radiation skin toxicity
  • Breast cancer treatment
  • Management
  • Risk assessment

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