A systematic review of irreversible electroporation in localised prostate cancer treatment

Andrey Morozov, Mark Taratkin, Eric Barret, Nirmish Singla, Evgeniy Bezrukov, Denis Chinenov, Mikhail Enikeev, Juan Gomez Rivas, Anastasia Shpikina, Dmitry Enikeev

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Irreversible electroporation is a treatment option used for focal therapy. In this systematic review, we summarise data on irreversible electroporation outcomes in patients with localised prostate cancer. We performed a literature search in 3 databases and included articles with own data on irreversible electroporation results in patients with localised prostate cancer. Primary outcome was procedure efficacy measured as the absence of cancer in the treatment area on the follow-up biopsy. Secondary outcomes were the absence of prostate cancer recurrence in the treatment area on MRI, out-of-field recurrence, complications and functional outcomes (erectile function and micturition). In-field recurrence rate was 0%–39% and out-field 6.4%–24%. In all studies, PSA level decreased: twice lower than baseline after 4 weeks and by 76% after 2 years. Most of the authors noted sexual and urinary toxicity during the first half year after surgery. However, functional outcomes recovered to baseline after 6 months with mild decrease in sexual function. Complication rates after irreversible electroporation were 0%–1% of Clavien–Dindo III and 5%–20% of Clavien–Dindo I–II. Irreversible electroporation has promise oncological outcomes, rate of post-operative complications and minimal-to-no effects on erectile and urinary function. However, medium and long-term data on cancer-specific and recurrence-free survival are still lacking.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article numbere13789
Issue number10
StatePublished - Nov 1 2020
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  • focal therapy
  • irreversible electroporation
  • prostate cancer
  • systematic review

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