A Radiation Hybrid Map of 95 STSs Spanning Human Chromosome 13q

Sarah H. Shaw, Joan E.W. Farr, Bonnie A. Thiel, Tara C. Matise, Jean Weissenbach, Aravinda Chakaravarti, Charles W. Richard

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We have constructed a high-resolution physical map of the long arm of human chromosome 13 using a panel of 94 radiation hybrids. A comprehensive map of 95 chromosome 13-specific sequence tagged sites (STSs) spanning 13q from the presumed centromere at D13Z1 to the known telomere was obtained by multipoint maximum likelihood statistical methods. The 95 markers have an average retention frequency of 10%, with markers closer to the centromere having much greater retention frequencies (22-49%) than distal 13q markers (2-12%) The most likely radiation hybrid map localized the 95 STSs into 54 unique map positions, 34 with odds of 1000:1 or greater; the comprehensive map localized all but 17 STSs with odds exceeding 10:1. The total map length of 13q was 1302 cR9000 (range 6.4-94.4 cR9000) and a physical distance of 98 Mb, so that 1% breakage in the RH panel corresponds to 75 kb. A comparison of the comprehensive RH map to genetic maps of chromosome 13q shows identical locus orders for the common markers, with two exceptions over 1-cM distances. We discuss the possible relationships between the genetic and the radiation hybrid maps.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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Number of pages9
Issue number3
StatePublished - Jun 10 1995
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