A cytochemical study of the nonhistone protein content of condensed and extended chromatin

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Cytochemical techniques have been used to study the distribution of nonhistone proteins in sections of interphase nuclei and mitotic chromosomes. Condensed chromatin, including the heterochromatin of interphase nuclei from frog liver, and mitotic metaphase and anaphase chromosomes from bovine kidney, show little or no staining for nonhistone protein. Regions of frog liver nuclei which contain extended chromatin (euchromatin) stain intensely for nonhistone protein. These differences in nonhistone staining of condensed and extended chromatin support the suggestion that regions of condensed chromatin contain considerably less nonhistone protein than regions of extended chromatin. The results suggest further that there may be considerably less nonhistone protein associated with chromosomes and interphase heterochromatin than has been reported in most previous analyses of isolated chromatin and chromosome preparations.

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JournalExperimental cell research
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StatePublished - Apr 1973


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