A comparison of web sites used to manage and present home blood pressure readings

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Home blood pressure (HBP) monitoring is now recommended as a routine component of blood pressure management in patients with known or suspected hypertension. Over the last few years, a large number of Web sites, commonly termed Personal Health Records, have been developed so that patients can manage and present HBP readings. The objective of this report is to describe and compare these Web sites. A list of 33 desirable Web site features, organized into 4 categories, was developed. Between June and August of 2009, a total of 60 Web sites was identified, of which 20 were free or free to try. Each of the 20 Web sites displayed HBP readings in tabular and graphical formats, most offered an option to print results in tabular (70%) and graphical (70%) form, and many (47%) could download HBP data from Microsoft HealthVault. In contrast, none of the Web sites directly linked with common electronic medical records. Overall, Web sites offered between 41% and 77% of the 33 features considered desirable. In conclusion, there is considerable variation in available features on Web sites used to manage HBP data. Information presented in this report should be useful to physicians and patients in selecting a Web site for managing and presenting HBP readings and ultimately improving blood pressure control.

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JournalJournal of Clinical Hypertension
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