A biopsy-needle compatible varifocal multiphoton rigid probe for depth-resolved optical biopsy

Ang Li, Gunnsteinn Hall, Defu Chen, Wenxuan Liang, Bo Ning, Honghua Guan, Xingde Li

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In this work, we report a biopsy-needle compatible rigid probe, capable of performing three-dimensional (3D) two-photon optical biopsy. The probe has a small outer diameter of 1.75 mm and fits inside a gauge-14 biopsy needle to reach internal organs. A carefully designed focus scanning mechanism has been implemented in the rigid probe, which, along with a rapid two-dimensional MEMS scanner, enables 3D imaging. Fast image acquisition up to 10 frames per second is possible, dramatically reducing motion artifacts during in vivo imaging. Equipped with a high-numerical aperture micro-objective, the miniature rigid probe offers a high two-photon resolution (0.833 × 6.11 μm, lateral × axial), a lateral field of view of 120 μm, and an axial focus tuning range of 200 μm. In addition to imaging of mouse internal organs and subcutaneous tumor in vivo, first-of-its-kind depth-resolved two-photon optical biopsy of an internal organ has been successfully demonstrated on mouse kidney in vivo and in situ.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article numbere201800229
JournalJournal of biophotonics
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 2019


  • depth-resolved
  • endoscope
  • label-free
  • optical biopsy
  • rigid probe
  • two-photon microscopy

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