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Acute-onset chest pain in a 17-year-old female adolescent with systemic lupus erythematosus

Mangus, C. W., Fatusin, O. & Ngo, T. L. 2017 In : Pediatric Emergency Care. 33, 5, p. 346-349 4 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Chest Pain
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Pneumococcal Infections
Cardiac Tamponade

Acute Pain Characteristics in Patients with and without Chronic Pain following Lower Extremity Injury

Griffioen, M. A., Greenspan, J. D., Johantgen, M., Von Rueden, K., O'Toole, R. V., Dorsey, S. G. & Renn, C. L. Feb 1 2017 In : Pain Management Nursing. 18, 1, p. 33-41 9 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Acute Pain
Chronic Pain
Lower Extremity
Wounds and Injuries

Acute pancreatitis patient registry to examine novel therapies in clinical experience (APPRENTICE): An international, multicenter consortium for the study of acute pancreatitis

Papachristou, G. I. , Machicado, J. D. , Stevens, T. , Goenka, M. K. , Ferreira, M. , Gutierrez, S. C. , Singh, V. K. , Kamal, A. , Gonzalez-Gonzalez, J. A. , Pelaez-Luna, M. , Gulla, A. , Zarnescu, N. O. , Triantafyllou, K. , Barbu, S. T. , Easler, J. , Ocampo, C. , Capurso, G. , Archibugi, L. , Cote, G. A. , Lambiase, L. & 13 others Kochhar, R., Chua, T., Tiwari, S. C., Nawaz, H., Park, W. G., De-Madaria, E., Lee, P. J., Wu, B. U., Greer, P. J., Dugum, M., Koutroumpakis, E., Akshintala, V. & Gougol, A. 2017 In : Annals of Gastroenterology. 30, 1, p. 106-113 8 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Multicenter Studies
Randomized Controlled Trials
Drug Hypersensitivity Syndrome

Acute Retinal Necrosis: Presenting Characteristics and Clinical Outcomes in a Cohort of Polymerase Chain Reaction–Positive Patients

Butler, N. J., Moradi, A., Salek, S. S., Burkholder, B. M., Leung, T. G., Dunn, J. P. & Thorne, J. E. Jul 1 2017 In : American Journal of Ophthalmology. 179, p. 179-189 11 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Acute Retinal Necrosis Syndrome
Polymerase Chain Reaction
Retinal Detachment
Confidence Intervals

Acute stroke emergency management

George, P. & Lara, L. R. May 30 2017 Evidence-Based Critical Care: A Case Study Approach. Springer International Publishing, p. 303-314 12 p.

Research output: ResearchChapter


A cyber-linked undergraduate research experience in computational biomolecular structure prediction and design

Alford, R. F., Leaver-Fay, A., Gonzales, L., Dolan, E. L. & Gray, J. J. Dec 1 2017 In : PLoS Computational Biology. 13, 12, e1005837

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Molecular Conformation
Structure Prediction
Computational Biology

Adalimumab in the treatment of uveitis in juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Thorne, J. E. Apr 27 2017 In : New England Journal of Medicine. 376, 17, p. 1682-1683 2 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewShort survey

Ewing's Sarcoma
Parotid Gland
Differential Diagnosis
Epithelioid Cells

Adaptation of a Screening Tool for Perinatal Depression and Anxiety in Community-Based Maternal Health Services in Mali

Lasater, M. E., Beebe, M., Blomberg, K., Warren, N., Gresh, A., Hsih, K. & Winch, P. 2017 (Accepted/In press) In : Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Maternal Health Services

Adaptation to TKI treatment reactivates ERK signaling in tyrosine kinase–driven leukemias and other malignancies

Bruner, J. K., Ma, H. S., Li, L., Qin, A. C. R., Rudek, M. A., Jones, R. J., Levis, M. J., Pratz, K. W., Pratilas, C. A. & Small, D. Oct 15 2017 In : Cancer Research. 77, 20, p. 5554-5563 10 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Protein-Tyrosine Kinases
Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Kinases

Adapting to the global shortage of cholera vaccines: Targeted single dose cholera vaccine in response to an outbreak in South Sudan

Parker, L. A., Rumunu, J., Jamet, C., Kenyi, Y., Lino, R. L., Wamala, J. F., Mpairwe, A. M., Ciglenecki, I., Luquero, F. J., Azman, A. S. & Cabrol, J. C. 2017 (Accepted/In press) In : The Lancet Infectious Diseases.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Cholera Vaccines
Disease Outbreaks
South Sudan
Immunization Programs

Adapting to the Rapid Evolution of Healthcare from a Shared Perspective

Yang, W. & Huang, J. 2017 (Accepted/In press) In : World Neurosurgery.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Institutional Ethics
Delivery of Health Care

Adaptive Enrichment Designs for Stroke Clinical Trials

Rosenblum, M. & Hanley, D. F. Jul 1 2017 In : Stroke. 48, 7, p. 2021-2025 5 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewReview article

Precision Medicine
Research Design
Randomized Controlled Trials

Adaptive estimation of personalized maximum tolerated dose in cancer Phase i clinical trials based on all toxicities and individual genomic profile

Chen, Z., Li, Z., Zhuang, R., Yuan, Y., Kutner, M., Owonikoko, T., Curran, W. J. & Kowalski, J. Jan 1 2017 In : PLoS ONE. 12, 1, e0170187

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

clinical trials

Adaptive independent vector analysis for multi-subject complex-valued fMRI data

Kuang, L. D., Lin, Q. H., Gong, X. F., Cong, F. & Calhoun, V. D. Apr 1 2017 In : Journal of Neuroscience Methods. 281, p. 49-63 15 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Normal Distribution

Adaptive resistance to anti-PD1 therapy by Tim-3 upregulation is mediated by the PI3K-Akt pathway in head and neck cancer

Shayan, G., Srivastava, R., Li, J., Schmitt, N., Kane, L. P. & Ferris, R. L. Jan 9 2017 (Accepted/In press) In : OncoImmunology.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Head and Neck Neoplasms

Adaptive responses of neuronal mitochondria to bioenergetic challenges: Roles in neuroplasticity and disease resistance

Raefsky, S. M. & Mattson, M. P. Jan 1 2017 In : Free Radical Biology and Medicine. 102, p. 203-216 14 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewReview article

Neuronal Plasticity
Disease Resistance
Energy Metabolism

Adaptive sparse multiple canonical correlation analysis with application to imaging (epi)genomics study of schizophrenia

Hu, W., Lin, D., Cao, S., Liu, J. Y., Chen, J., Calhoun, V. & Wang, Y. Nov 7 2017 (Accepted/In press) In : IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Imaging techniques
Feature extraction
Data integration

Adaptive windowing and windowless approaches to estimate dynamic functional brain connectivity

Yaesoubi, M. & Calhoun, V. D. 2017 Wavelets and Sparsity XVII. SPIE, Vol. 10394, 1039411

Research output: ResearchConference contribution


A Dataset and Benchmarks for Segmentation and Recognition of Gestures in Robotic Surgery

Ahmidi, N., Tao, L., Sefati, S., Gao, Y., Lea, C., Haro, B. B., Zappella, L., Khudanpur, S., Vidal, R. & Hager, G. D. Sep 1 2017 In : IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering. 64, 9, p. 2025-2041 17 p., 7805258

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Hidden Markov models
Robotic surgery
Time series
Dynamical systems

Addiction potential of cigarettes with reduced nicotine content in populations with psychiatric disorders and other vulnerabilities to tobacco addiction

Higgins, S. T., Heil, S. H., Sigmon, S. C., Tidey, J. W., Gaalema, D. E., Hughes, J. R., Stitzer, M. L., Durand, H., Bunn, J. Y., Priest, J. S., Arger, C. A., Miller, M. E., Bergeria, C. L., Davis, D. R., Streck, J. M., Reed, D. D., Skelly, J. M. & Tursi, L. Oct 1 2017 In : JAMA Psychiatry. 74, 10, p. 1056-1064 9 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Tobacco Products

Additional considerations are required when preparing a protocol for a systematic review with multiple interventions

Chaimani, A., Caldwell, D. M., Li, T., Higgins, J. P. T. & Salanti, G. 2017 (Accepted/In press) In : Journal of Clinical Epidemiology.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Network Meta-Analysis

Additional features of Gillespie syndrome in two Brazilian siblings with a novel ITPR1 homozygous pathogenic variant

Carvalho, D. R., Medeiros, J. E. G., Ribeiro, D. S. M., Martins, B. J. A. F. & Sobreira, N. L. M. Jan 1 2017 (Accepted/In press) In : European Journal of Medical Genetics.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Aniridia cerebellar ataxia mental deficiency
Cerebellar Ataxia
Muscle Hypotonia

Additive effects of the Rho kinase inhibitor Y-27632 and vardenafil on relaxation of the corpus cavernosum tissue of patients with erectile dysfunction and clinical phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor failure

Uvin, P., Albersen, M., Bollen, I., Falter, M., Weyne, E., Linsen, L., Tinel, H., Sandner, P., Bivalacqua, T. J., De Ridder, D. J. M. K., Van der Aa, F., Brône, B. & Van Renterghem, K. Feb 1 2017 In : BJU International. 119, 2, p. 325-332 8 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Phosphodiesterase 5 Inhibitors
rho-Associated Kinases
Erectile Dysfunction
Vardenafil Dihydrochloride
Y 27632

Addressing culture and context in humanitarian response: Preparing desk reviews to inform mental health and psychosocial support

Greene, M. C., Jordans, M. J. D., Kohrt, B. A., Ventevogel, P., Kirmayer, L. J., Hassan, G., Chiumento, A., Van Ommeren, M. & Tol, W. A. Nov 15 2017 In : Conflict and Health. 11, 1, 21

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

psychosocial care
mental health
Mental Health
United Nations

Addressing estimated hearing loss in adults in 2060

Goman, A. M., Reed, N. S. & Lin, F. R. Jul 1 2017 In : JAMA Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery. 143, 7, p. 733-734 2 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewLetter

Coronary Vessels
Cost-Benefit Analysis

Addressing Parental Health in Pediatrics: Physician Perceptions of Relevance and Responsibility

Venkataramani, M., Cheng, T. L., Solomon, B. S. & Pollack, C. E. Sep 1 2017 In : Clinical Pediatrics. 56, 10, p. 953-958 6 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Child Health
Guideline Adherence

Addressing Technetium-99m Shortage

Mahesh, M. & Madsen, M. 2017 (Accepted/In press) In : Journal of the American College of Radiology.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle


Addressing the challenges of phenotyping pediatric pulmonary vascular disease

Goss, K. N., Everett, A. D., Mourani, P. M., Baker, C. D. & Abman, S. H. Jan 1 2017 In : Pulmonary Circulation. 7, 1, p. 7-19 13 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewReview article

Vascular Diseases
Lung Diseases
Pulmonary Hypertension

Addressing the Mental Health Needs of Latino Children in Immigrant Families

Caballero, T. M., DeCamp, L. R., Platt, R. E., Shah, H., Johnson, S. B., Sibinga, E. M. S. & Polk, S. Jun 1 2017 In : Clinical Pediatrics. 56, 7, p. 648-658 11 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Hispanic Americans
Mental Health
Mental Disorders
Primary Health Care

Addressing the Unmet Need for Maternal Mental Health Services in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Integrating Mental Health Into Maternal Health Care

Lasater, M. E., Beebe, M., Gresh, A., Blomberg, K. & Warren, N. Nov 1 2017 In : Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health. 62, 6, p. 657-660 4 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewComment/debate

Maternal Health Services
Mental Health Services
Mental Health
Delivery of Health Care
Maternal Health

Addressing the unmet need of life-threatening anemia with hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers

Weiskopf, R. B., Beliaev, A. M., Shander, A., Guinn, N. R., Cap, A. P., Ness, P. M. & Silverman, T. A. Jan 1 2017 In : Transfusion. 57, 1, p. 207-214 8 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewComment/debate

A declaration to the UN on wars in the Middle East

Burkle, F. M., Erickson, T. B., von Schreeb, J., Redmond, A. D., Kayden, S. & Van Rooyen, M. Feb 18 2017 In : The Lancet. 389, 10070, p. 699-700 2 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewLetter

A dedicated lumbar puncture clinic: performance and short-term patient outcomes

Barreras, P., Benavides, D. R., Barreras, J. F., Pardo, C. A., Jani, A., Faigle, R. & Bahouth, M. N. Aug 23 2017 (Accepted/In press) In : Journal of Neurology. p. 1-6 6 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Spinal Puncture
Odds Ratio
Post-Dural Puncture Headache
Biomedical Research

A deep-learning approach to translate between brain structure and functional connectivity

Calhoun, V. D., Amin, M. F., Hjelm, D., Damaraju, E. & Plis, S. M. Jun 16 2017 2017 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, ICASSP 2017 - Proceedings. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., p. 6155-6159 5 p. 7953339

Research output: ResearchConference contribution

Deep learning
Magnetic resonance imaging
Dynamic models
Magnetic Resonance Imaging

A defect in myoblast fusion underlies Carey-Fineman-Ziter syndrome

Di Gioia, S. A. , Connors, S. , Matsunami, N. , Cannavino, J. , Rose, M. F. , Gilette, N. M. , Artoni, P. , De Macena Sobreira, N. L. , Chan, W. M. , Webb, B. D. , Robson, C. D. , Cheng, L. , Van Ryzin, C. , Ramirez-Martinez, A. , Mohassel, P. , Leppert, M. , Scholand, M. B. , Grunseich, C. , Ferreira, C. R. , Hartman, T. & 51 others Hayes, I. M., Morgan, T., Markie, D. M., Fagiolini, M., Swift, A., Chines, P. S., Speck-Martins, C. E., Collins, F. S., Jabs, E. W., Bönnemann, C. G., Olson, E. N., Carey, J. C., Robertson, S. P., Manoli, I., Engle, E. C., Andrews, C. V., Barry, B. J., Hunter, D. G., Mackinnon, S. E., Shaaban, S., Erazo, M., Frempong, T., Hao, K., Naidich, T. P., Rucker, J. C., Zhang, Z., Biesecker, B. B., Bonnycastle, L. L., Brewer, C. C., Brooks, B. P., Butman, J. A., Chien, W. W., Farrell, K., FitzGibbon, E. J., Gropman, A. L., Hutchinson, E. B., Jain, M. S., King, K. A., Lehky, T. J., Lee, J., Liberton, D. K., Narisu, N., Paul, S. M., Sadeghi, N., Snow, J., Solomon, B., Summers, A., Toro, C., Thurm, A., Zalewski, C. K. & Moebius Syndrome Research Consortium Jul 6 2017 In : Nature Communications. 8, 16077

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Myotonia Congenita
Genetic Databases
Cell Fusion
Cystic Fibrosis
Genetic Therapy
Gene therapy

Adenosine A1 receptor activation increases myocardial protein S-nitrosothiols and elicits protection from ischemia-reperfusion injury in male and female hearts

Shao, Q., Casin, K. M., Mackowski, N., Murphy, E., Steenbergen, C. & Kohr, M. J. May 1 2017 In : PLoS ONE. 12, 5, e0177315

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Adenosine A1 Receptors
Protein S
Reperfusion Injury

Adenoviral conjunctivitis in health care settings: Why accurate diagnosis and infection control matter

Kuo, I. C. Sep 1 2017 In : JAMA Ophthalmology. 135, 9, p. 905-906 2 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewShort survey

Infection Control
Delivery of Health Care
Cell Biology
Neural Tube Defects
Neural tube defects X-linked
spina bifida
congenital abnormalities

A dextran-based probe for the targeted magnetic resonance imaging of tumours expressing prostate-specific membrane antigen

Liu, G., Banerjee, S. R., Yang, X., Yadav, N., Lisok, A., Jablonska, A., Xu, J., Li, Y., Pomper, M. G. & Van Zijl, P. Dec 1 2017 In : Nature Biomedical Engineering. 1, 12, p. 977-982 6 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Magnetic resonance

ADHD medications and cardiovascular adverse events in children and adolescents: cross-national comparison of risk communication in drug labeling

Sieluk, J., Palasik, B., dosReis, S. & Doshi, P. Mar 1 2017 In : Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety. 26, 3, p. 274-284 11 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Drug Labeling
Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity
Delivery of Health Care
Product Labeling

Adherence and healthcare utilization among older adults with COPD and depression

Albrecht, J. S., Khokhar, B., Huang, T. Y., Wei, Y. J., Harris, I., Moyo, P., Hur, P., Lehmann, S. W., Netzer, G. & Simoni-Wastila, L. Aug 1 2017 In : Respiratory Medicine. 129, p. 53-58 6 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Delivery of Health Care
Antidepressive Agents
Ocular Hypertension

Adherence to methadone maintenance treatment and associated factors among patients in Vietnamese mountainside areas

Nguyen, L. H., Nguyen, H. T. T., Nguyen, H. L. T., Tran, B. X. & Latkin, C. A. Jun 8 2017 In : Substance Abuse: Treatment, Prevention, and Policy. 12, 1, 31

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Cell Phones
Medication Adherence

Adherence to National Comprehensive Cancer Network® Guidelines for Testicular Cancer

Wymer, K. M., Pearce, S. M., Harris, K. T., Pierorazio, P. M., Daneshmand, S. & Eggener, S. E. Mar 1 2017 In : Journal of Urology. 197, 3, p. 684-689 6 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Testicular Neoplasms

Adhering to Quality Measures in Esophagectomy Is Associated With Improved Survival in All Stages of Esophageal Cancer

Samson, P., Puri, V., Broderick, S., Patterson, G. A., Meyers, B. & Crabtree, T. Apr 1 2017 In : Annals of Thoracic Surgery. 103, 4, p. 1101-1108 8 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Esophageal Neoplasms
Confidence Intervals
Lymph Nodes