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Accuracy of apparent diffusion coefficient in differentiating pancreatic neuroendocrine tumour from intrapancreatic accessory spleen

Pandey, A., Pandey, P., Ghasabeh, M. A., Varzaneh, F. N., Khoshpouri, P., Shao, N., Pour, M. Z., Fouladi, D. F., Hruban, R. H., O’Broin-Lennon, A. M. & Kamel, I. R. Nov 13 2017 (Accepted/In press) In : European Radiology. p. 1-8 8 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Neuroendocrine Tumors
Unnecessary Procedures
ROC Curve

Accuracy of Grading Gleason Score 7 Prostatic Adenocarcinoma on Needle Biopsy: Influence of Percent Pattern 4 and Other Histological Factors

Meliti, A., Sadimin, E., Diolombi, M., Khani, F. & Epstein, J. I. 2017 (Accepted/In press) In : Prostate.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Neoplasm Grading
Needle Biopsy

Accuracy of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol estimation at very low levels

Quispe, R., Hendrani, A., Elshazly, M. B., Michos, E. D., McEvoy, J. W., Blaha, M. J., Banach, M., Kulkarni, K. R., Toth, P. P., Blumenthal, R. S., Jones, S. R. & Martin, S. S. Apr 20 2017 In : BMC Medicine. 15, 1, 83

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

LDL Cholesterol
VLDL Cholesterol
Practice Guidelines

Accurate Autism Screening at the 18-Month Well-Child Visit Requires Different Strategies than at 24 Months

Sturner, R., Howard, B., Bergmann, P., Morrel, T., Landa, R., Walton, K. & Marks, D. Jul 31 2017 (Accepted/In press) In : Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders. p. 1-15 15 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Autistic Disorder
Multivariate Analysis
Equipment and Supplies

Accurate structure prediction of CDR H3 loops enabled by a novel structure-based C-terminal constraint

Weitzner, B. D. & Gray, J. J. Jan 1 2017 In : Journal of Immunology. 198, 1, p. 505-515 11 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle


Acellular dermal matrix as an adjunct material in cleft le Fort i osteotomies

Susarla, S. M., MacIsaac, Z. M., Swanson, E., Davidson, E. & Kumar, A. 2017 In : Journal of Craniofacial Surgery. 28, 1, p. 225-226 2 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Acellular Dermis
Le Fort Osteotomy
Bone and Bones

A Central Amygdala CRF Circuit Facilitates Learning about Weak Threats

Sanford, C. A., Soden, M. E., Baird, M. A., Miller, S. M., Schulkin, J., Palmiter, R. D., Clark, M. & Zweifel, L. S. Jan 4 2017 In : Neuron. 93, 1, p. 164-178 15 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone
Central Amygdaloid Nucleus

Acetylation Enhances TET2 Function in Protecting against Abnormal DNA Methylation during Oxidative Stress

Zhang, Y. W., Wang, Z., Xie, W., Cai, Y., Xia, L., Easwaran, H., Luo, J., Yen, R. W. C., Li, Y. & Baylin, S. B. Jan 19 2017 In : Molecular Cell. 65, 2, p. 323-335 13 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

DNA Methylation
Oxidative Stress

A change in editorship

Tomaselli, G. F. Jun 30 2017 In : Journal of Clinical Investigation. 127, 7, p. 2439-2440 2 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewEditorial

Biomedical Research

Achieving pregnancy safely for HIV-serodiscordant couples: A social ecological approach

Saleem, H. T., Narasimhan, M., Denison, J. A. & Kennedy, C. E. Mar 8 2017 In : Journal of the International AIDS Society. 20, p. 18-23 6 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Reproductive Health
Reproductive Rights

Acidic C-terminal domains autoregulate the RNA chaperone Hfq

Santiago-Frangos, A., Jeliazkov, J. R., Gray, J. J. & Woodson, S. A. Aug 9 2017 In : eLife. 6, e27049

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Escherichia coli
Messenger RNA
Bacterial RNA

A classification algorithm for predicting progression from normal cognition to mild cognitive impairment across five cohorts: The preclinical AD consortium

Gross, A. L., Hassenstab, J. J., Johnson, S. C., Clark, L. R., Resnick, S. M., Kitner-Triolo, M., Masters, C. L., Maruff, P., Morris, J. C., Soldan, A., Pettigrew, C. & Albert, M. S. 2017 In : Alzheimer's and Dementia: Diagnosis, Assessment and Disease Monitoring. 8, p. 147-155 9 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Cognitive Dysfunction
Alzheimer Disease

A cluster randomized trial of a primary palliative care intervention (CONNECT) for patients with advanced cancer: Protocol and key design considerations

Becker, C. L., Arnold, R. M., Park, S. Y., Rosenzweig, M., Smith, T. J., White, D. B., Smith, K. J. & Schenker, Y. Mar 1 2017 In : Contemporary Clinical Trials. 54, p. 98-104 7 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Palliative Care
Primary Health Care

A Cluster-Randomized Trial to Assess the Efficacy of Targeting Trachoma Treatment to Children

Amza, A., Kadri, B., Nassirou, B., Cotter, S. Y., Stoller, N. E., Zhou, Z., Bailey, R. L., Mabey, D. C., Porco, T. C., Keenan, J. D., Gaynor, B. D., West, S. K. & Lietman, T. M. Mar 15 2017 In : Clinical infectious diseases : an official publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America. 64, 6, p. 743-750 8 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Chlamydia trachomatis
Preschool Children

A CMOS Current Steering Neurostimulation Array With Integrated DAC Calibration and Charge Balancing

Greenwald, E., Maier, C., Wang, Q., Beaulieu, R., Etienne-Cummings, R., Cauwenberghs, G. & Thakor, N. Jan 16 2017 (Accepted/In press) In : IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle


ACMT and AACT position statement: preventing occupational fentanyl and fentanyl analog exposure to emergency responders

Moss, M. J., Warrick, B. J., Nelson, L. S., McKay, C. A., Dubé, P. A., Gosselin, S., Palmer, R. B. & Stolbach, A. I. Sep 4 2017 (Accepted/In press) In : Clinical Toxicology. p. 1-4 4 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

ACMT and AACT Position Statement: Preventing Occupational Fentanyl and Fentanyl Analog Exposure to Emergency Responders

Moss, M. J., Warrick, B. J., Nelson, L. S., McKay, C. A., Dubé, P. A., Gosselin, S., Palmer, R. B. & Stolbach, A. I. Aug 25 2017 (Accepted/In press) In : Journal of Medical Toxicology. p. 1-5 5 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Emergency Responders
Microstrip lines

ACMT Position Statement: Addressing the Rising Cost of Prescription Antidotes

Mazer-Amirshahi, M., Stolbach, A. & Nelson, L. S. Nov 28 2017 (Accepted/In press) In : Journal of Medical Toxicology. p. 1-4 4 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Costs and Cost Analysis

ACMT Position Statement: Determining Brain Death in Adults After Drug Overdose

Neavyn, M. J., Stolbach, A., Greer, D. M., Nelson, L. S., Smith, S. W., Brent, J., Tormoehlen, L. M. & On Behalf Of The American College Of Medical Toxicology Mar 2 2017 (Accepted/In press) In : Journal of Medical Toxicology. p. 1-3 3 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

A collaborative state of the science initiative: Transforming moral distress into moral resilience in nursing

Rushton, C. H., Schoonover-Shoffner, K. & Kennedy, M. S. 2017 In : American Journal of Nursing. 117, 2, p. S2-S6

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

School Nursing
American Nurses' Association

A common NHE3 single-nucleotide polymorphism has normal function and sensitivity to regulatory ligands

Yin, J., Tse, C. M., Cha, B., Sarker, R., Zhu, X. C., Walentinsson, A., Greasley, P. J. & Donowitz, M. 2017 In : American Journal of Physiology - Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology. 313, 2, p. G129-G137

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Single Nucleotide Polymorphism

A comparative pre-phase I study of the impact of gel vehicle volume on distal colon distribution, user experience, and acceptability

Weld, E. D., Hiruy, H., Guthrie, K. M., Fava, J. L., Vargas, S. E., Buckheit, K., Buckheit, R., Spiegel, H., Breakey, J., Fuchs, E. J. & Hendrix, C. W. May 1 2017 In : AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses. 33, 5, p. 440-447 8 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Anti-Infective Agents

A comparative study of percutaneous atherectomy for femoropopliteal arterial occlusive disease

Gu, Y., Malas, M. B., Qi, L., Guo, L., Guo, J., Yu, H., Tong, Z., Gao, X., Zhang, J. & Wang, Z. Aug 1 2017 In : International Angiology. 36, 4, p. 340-345 6 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Arterial Occlusive Diseases
Tunica Intima

A Comparison of Different Training Methods in the Successful Learning of Endobronchial Ultrasound-Guided Transbronchial Needle Aspiration

Zhang, W. C., Chen, W., Zhou, J. P., Lerner, A. D., Ni, L., Shen, J. M., Yan, T. L., Zhou, M., Shi, G. C. & Xiang, Y. Apr 1 2017 In : Respiration. 93, 5, p. 319-326 8 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Aspirations (Psychology)
Young Adult

A comparison of FLT to FDG PET/CT in the early assessment of chemotherapy response in stages IB–IIIA resectable NSCLC

Crandall, J. P., Tahari, A. K., Juergens, R. A., Brahmer, J. R., Rudin, C. M., Esposito, G., Subramaniam, D. S., Knopp, M. V., Hall, N. C., Gajwani, P., Leal, J. P., Lodge, M. A., Joo, H. O., Gabrielson, E. W., Shankar, L. K. & Wahl, R. L. Dec 1 2017 In : EJNMMI Research. 7, 1, 8

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma
Drug Therapy
Positron Emission Tomography Computed Tomography

A Comparison of Hepatitis B Virus Infection in HIV-infected and HIV-uninfected Participants Enrolled in a Multi-National Clinical Trial: HPTN 052

Greer, A. E. , Ou, S. S. , Wilson, E. , Piwowar-Manning, E. , Forman, M. S. , McCauley, M. , Gamble, T. , Ruangyuttikarn, C. , Hosseinipour, M. C. , Kumarasamy, N. , Nyirenda, M. , Grinsztejn, B. , Pilotto, J. H. , Kosashunhanan, N. , Gonçalves de Melo, M. , Makhema, J. , Akelo, V. , Panchia, R. , Badal-Faesen, S. , Chen, Y. Q. & 4 others Cohen, M. S., Eshleman, S. H., Thio, C. L. & Valsamakis, A. Jul 26 2017 (Accepted/In press) In : Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Virus Diseases
Hepatitis B virus
Clinical Trials
Chronic Hepatitis B

A comparison of observed and self-reported helmet use and associated factors among motorcyclists in Hyderabad city, India

Wadhwaniya, S., Gupta, S., Mitra, S., Tetali, S., Josyula, L. K., Gururaj, G. & Hyder, A. A. Mar 1 2017 In : Public Health. 144, p. S62-S69

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Head Protective Devices
Surveys and Questionnaires

A Comparison of Reinforcement Based Treatment (RBT) versus RBT plus Recovery Housing (RBTRH)

Tuten, M., Shadur, J. M., Stitzer, M. & Jones, H. E. Jan 1 2017 In : Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment. 72, p. 48-55 8 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle


A comparison of resampling schemes for estimating model observer performance with small ensembles

Elshahaby, F. E. A., Jha, A. K., Ghaly, M. & Frey, E. C. Aug 22 2017 In : Physics in Medicine and Biology. 62, 18, p. 7300-7320 21 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

ROC Curve
Area Under Curve
Sample Size

A comparison of structural connectivity in anxious depression versus non-anxious depression

Delaparte, L., Yeh, F. C., Adams, P., Malchow, A., Trivedi, M. H., Oquendo, M. A., Deckersbach, T., Ogden, T., Pizzagalli, D. A., Fava, M., Cooper, C., McInnis, M., Kurian, B. T., Weissman, M. M., McGrath, P. J., Klein, D. N., Parsey, R. V. & DeLorenzo, C. Jun 1 2017 In : Journal of Psychiatric Research. 89, p. 38-47 10 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Anxiety Disorders

A Comparison of Thermal Plasma Energy Versus Argon Beam Coagulator-Induced Intestinal Injury after Vaporization in a Porcine Model

Tanner, E. J., Dun, E., Sonoda, Y., Olawaiye, A. B. & Chi, D. S. Jan 1 2017 In : International Journal of Gynecological Cancer. 27, 1, p. 177-182 6 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Plasma Gases
Wounds and Injuries

A comparison of trends in operative approach and postoperative outcomes for colorectal cancer surgery

Addae, J. K., Gani, F., Fang, S. Y., Wick, E. C., Althumairi, A. A., Efron, J. E., Canner, J. K., Euhus, D. M. & Schneider, E. B. Feb 1 2017 In : Journal of Surgical Research. 208, p. 111-120 10 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Colorectal Surgery
Colorectal Neoplasms
Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures
Length of Stay

A compendium of proteins that interact with HIF-1α

Semenza, G. L. Mar 15 2017 (Accepted/In press) In : Experimental Cell Research.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Hypoxia-Inducible Factor 1
Transcription Factors

A composite of exhaled LTB4, LXA4, FeNO, and FEV1 as an "asthma classification ratio" characterizes childhood asthma

Chen, L. C., Tseng, H. M., Kuo, M. L., Chiu, C. Y., Liao, S. L., Su, K. W., Tsai, M. H., Hua, M. C., Lai, S. H., Yao, T. C., Yeh, K. W., Wu, A. H., Huang, J. L. & Huang, S. K. Jan 1 2017 (Accepted/In press) In : Allergy: European Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Sensitivity and Specificity
Prostaglandins E

A comprehensive assessment of exposures to respirable dust and silica in the taconite mining industry

Hwang, J., Ramachandran, G., Raynor, P. C., Alexander, B. H. & Mandel, J. H. May 1 2017 In : Journal of occupational and environmental hygiene. 14, 5, p. 377-388 12 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Silicon Dioxide
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (U.S.)

A comprehensive Choosing Wisely quality improvement initiative reduces unnecessary transfusions in an Academic Department of Surgery

Hicks, C. W., Liu, J., Yang, W. W., DiBrito, S. R., Johnson, D. J., Brito, A., Higgins, R. S. D., Frank, S. M. & Wick, E. C. 2017 (Accepted/In press) In : American Journal of Surgery.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Quality Improvement
Costs and Cost Analysis

A comprehensive framework for international medical programs: A 2017 consensus statement from the American College of Academic International Medicine

Garg, M. , Peck, G. L. , Arquilla, B. , Miller, A. C. , Soghoian, S. E. , Anderson, H. L. , Bloem, C. , Firstenberg, M. S. , Galwankar, S. C. , Guo, W. A. , Izurieta, R. , Krebs, E. , Hansoti, B. , Nanda, S. , Nwachuku, C. O. , Nwomeh, B. , Paladino, L. , Papadimos, T. J. , Sharpe, R. P. , Swaroop, M. & 1 others Stawicki, S. P. Oct 1 2017 In : International Journal of Critical Illness and Injury Science. 7, 4, p. 188-200 13 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewReview article

Healthcare Disparities
Medical Education

A Comprehensive Review of Immunization Practices in Solid Organ Transplant and Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Recipients

Chong, P. P. & Avery, R. K. Aug 1 2017 In : Clinical Therapeutics. 39, 8, p. 1581-1598 18 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewReview article

Hematopoietic Stem Cells
Transplant Recipients

A comprehensive review of the bioenergetics of fatty acid and glucose metabolism in the healthy and failing heart in nondiabetic condition

Gupta, A. & Houston, B. May 24 2017 (Accepted/In press) In : Heart Failure Reviews. p. 1-18 18 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Energy Metabolism
Fatty Acids
Energy Transfer

A comprehensive review of the evidence regarding the effectiveness of community-based primary health care in improving maternal, neonatal and child health: 2. maternal health findings

Jennings, M. C., Pradhan, S., Schleiff, M., Sacks, E., Freeman, P. A., Gupta, S., Rassekh, B. M. & Perry, H. B. 2017 In : Journal of Global Health. 7, 1, 010902

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Primary Health Care
Infant Health
Maternal Health
Child Health
Maternal Mortality

A computational multiscale agent-based model for simulating spatio-temporal tumour immune response to PD1 and PDL1 inhibition

Gong, C., Milberg, O., Wang, B., Vicini, P., Narwal, R., Roskos, L. & Popel, A. S. Sep 1 2017 In : Journal of the Royal Society Interface. 14, 134, 20170320

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle


A Concept Analysis of Substance Misuse to Inform Contemporary Terminology

Mahmoud, K. F., Finnell, D., Savage, C. L., Puskar, K. R. & Mitchell, A. M. 2017 (Accepted/In press) In : Archives of Psychiatric Nursing.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Substance-Related Disorders
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders

A concise tool for measuring care coordination from the provider’s perspective in the hospital setting

Weston, C. M., Yune, S., Bass, E. B., Berkowitz, S. A., Brotman, D. J., Deutschendorf, A., Howell, E. E., Richardson, M. B., Sylvester, C. & Wu, A. W. Oct 1 2017 In : Journal of Hospital Medicine. 12, 10, p. 811-817 7 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Surveys and Questionnaires
Patient Participation
Delivery of Health Care

A conserved coiled-coil protein pair focuses the cytokinetic Z-ring in Caulobacter crescentus

Woldemeskel, S. A., Mcquillen, R., Hessel, A. M., Xiao, J. & Goley, E. D. 2017 (Accepted/In press) In : Molecular Microbiology.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Caulobacter crescentus
GTP Phosphohydrolases

A Continuous, Long-Term Plasmodium vivax In Vitro Blood-Stage Culture: What Are We Missing?

Thomson-Luque, R., Shaw Saliba, K., Kocken, C. H. M. & Pasini, E. M. 2017 (Accepted/In press) In : Trends in Parasitology.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Plasmodium vivax
In Vitro Techniques
Life Cycle Stages

A corner store intervention to improve access to fruits and vegetables in two Latino communities

Albert, S. L., Langellier, B. A., Sharif, M. Z., Chan-Golston, A. M., Prelip, M. L., Elena Garcia, R., Glik, D. C., Belin, T. R., Brookmeyer, R. & Ortega, A. N. Jun 5 2017 (Accepted/In press) In : Public Health Nutrition. p. 1-11 11 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Hispanic Americans
Los Angeles

A cost analysis of implementing a behavioral weight loss intervention in community mental health settings: Results from the ACHIEVE trial

Janssen, E. M., Jerome, G. J., Dalcin, A. T., Gennusa, J. V., Goldsholl, S., Frick, K. D., Wang, N. Y., Appel, L. J. & Daumit, G. L. 2017 (Accepted/In press) In : Obesity.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Weight Loss
Mental Health
Costs and Cost Analysis
Community Psychiatry
Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Acoustic startle modification as a tool for evaluating auditory function of the mouse: Progress, pitfalls, and potential

Lauer, A. M., Behrens, D. & Klump, G. Jun 1 2017 In : Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews. 77, p. 194-208 15 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewReview article

Startle Reflex
Prepulse Inhibition
Sensory Gating

Acquired Nystagmus: An Update

Ediriwickrema, L. S. & Gold, D. R. Aug 1 2017 In : Advances in Ophthalmology and Optometry. 2, 1, p. 339-354 16 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewReview article

Eye Movements