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Targeting Nrf2 with the triterpenoid CDDO-imidazolide attenuates cigarette smoke-induced emphysema and cardiac dysfunction in mice

Sussan, T. E., Rangasamy, T., Blake, D. J., Malhotra, D., El-Haddad, H., Bedja, D., Yates, M. S., Kombairaju, P., Yamamoto, M., Liby, K. T., Sporn, M. B., Gabrielson, K. L., Champion, H. C., Tuder, R. M., Kensler, T. W. & Biswal, S., Jan 6 2009, In : Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 106, 1, p. 250-255 6 p.

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Telomere length is a determinant of emphysema susceptibility

Alder, J. K., Guo, N., Kembou, F., Parry, E. M., Anderson, C. J., Gorgy, A. I., Walsh, M. F., Sussan, T., Biswal, S., Mitzner, W., Tuder, R. M. & Armanios, M., Oct 15 2011, In : American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine. 184, 8, p. 904-912 9 p.

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The 2μm-plasmid-encoded Rep1 and Rep2 proteins interact with each other and colocalize to the Saccharomyces cerevisiae nucleus

Ahn, Y. T., Wu, X. L., Biswal, S., Velmurugan, S., Volkert, F. C. & Jayaram, M., Dec 1 1997, In : Journal of bacteriology. 179, 23, p. 7497-7506 10 p.

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The 5-lipoxygenase-activating protein (FLAP) inhibitor, MK886, induces apoptosis independently of FLAP

Datta, K., Biswal, S. S. & Kehrer, J. P., Jun 1 1999, In : Biochemical Journal. 340, 2, p. 371-375 5 p.

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The flavanol (-)-epicatechin prevents stroke damage through the Nrf2/HO1 pathway

Shah, Z. A., Li, R. C., Ahmad, A. S., Kensler, T. W., Yamamoto, M., Biswal, S. & Doré, S., Dec 1 2010, In : Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism. 30, 12, p. 1951-1961 11 p.

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The redox-sensitive transcription factor Nrf2 regulates murine hematopoietic stem cell survival independently of ROS levels

Merchant, A. A., Singh, A., Matsui, W. & Biswal, S., Dec 15 2011, In : Blood. 118, 25, p. 6572-6579 8 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

The transcription factor encyclopedia.

Yusuf, D., Butland, S. L., Swanson, M. I., Bolotin, E., Ticoll, A., Cheung, W. A., Zhang, X. Y. C., Dickman, C. T. D., Fulton, D. L., Lim, J. S., Schnabl, J. M., Ramos, O. H. P., Vasseur-Cognet, M., de Leeuw, C. N., Simpson, E. M., Ryffel, G. U., Lam, E. W. F., Kist, R., Wilson, M. S. C., Marco-Ferreres, R. & 79 others, Brosens, J. J., Beccari, L. L., Bovolenta, P., Benayoun, B. A., Monteiro, L. J., Schwenen, H. D. C., Grontved, L., Wederell, E., Mandrup, S., Veitia, R. A., Chakravarthy, H., Hoodless, P. A., Mancarelli, M. M., Torbett, B. E., Banham, A. H., Reddy, S. P., Cullum, R. L., Liedtke, M., Tschan, M. P., Vaz, M., Rizzino, A., Zannini, M., Frietze, S., Farnham, P. J., Eijkelenboom, A., Brown, P. J., Laperrière, D., Leprince, D., de Cristofaro, T., Prince, K. L., Putker, M., del Peso, L., Camenisch, G., Wenger, R. H., Mikula, M., Rozendaal, M., Mader, S., Ostrowski, J., Rhodes, S. J., Van Rechem, C., Boulay, G., Olechnowicz, S. W. Z., Breslin, M. B., Lan, M. S., Nanan, K. K., Wegner, M., Hou, J., Mullen, R. D., Colvin, S. C., Noy, P. J., Webb, C. F., Witek, M. E., Ferrell, S., Daniel, J. M., Park, J., Waldman, S. A., Peet, D. J., Taggart, M., Jayaraman, P. S., Karrich, J. J., Blom, B., Vesuna, F., O'Geen, H., Sun, Y., Gronostajski, R. M., Woodcroft, M. W., Hough, M. R., Chen, E., Europe-Finner, G. N., Karolczak-Bayatti, M., Bailey, J., Hankinson, O., Raman, V., LeBrun, D. P., Biswal, S., Harvey, C. J., DeBruyne, J. P., Hogenesch, J. B. & Hevner, R. F., 2012, In : Genome biology. 13, 3, p. R24

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The Twist box domain is required for Twist1-induced prostate cancer metastasis

Gajula, R. P., Chettiar, S. T., Williams, R. D., Thiyagarajan, S., Kato, Y., Aziz, K., Wang, R., Gandhi, N., Wild, A. T., Vesuna, F., Ma, J., Salih, T., Cades, J., Fertig, E., Biswal, S., Burns, T. F., Chung, C. H., Rudin, C. M., Herman, J. M., Hales, R. K. & 3 others, Raman, V., An, S. S. & Tran, P. T., Nov 2013, In : Molecular Cancer Research. 11, 11, p. 1387-1400 14 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Transcriptional responses of neonatal mouse lung to hyperoxia by Nrf2 status

McGrath-Morrow, S. A., Lauer, T., Collaco, J. M., Lopez, A., Malhotra, D., Alekseyev, Y. O., Neptune, E., Wise, R. & Biswal, S., Jan 1 2014, In : Cytokine. 65, 1, p. 4-9 6 p.

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Transcription factor NRF2 regulates miR-1 and miR-206 to drive tumorigenesis

Singh, A., Happel, C., Manna, S. K., Acquaah-Mensah, G., Carrerero, J., Kumar, S., Nasipuri, P., Krausz, K. W., Wakabayashi, N., Dewi, R., Boros, L. G., Gonzalez, F. J., Gabrielson, E., Wong, K. K., Girnun, G. & Biswal, S., Jul 1 2013, In : Journal of Clinical Investigation. 123, 7, p. 2921-2934 14 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Transport of metal oxide nanoparticles and single-walled carbon nanotubes in human mucus

Jachak, A., Lai, S. K., Hida, K., Suk, J. S., Markovic, N., Biswal, S., Breysse, P. N. & Hanes, J., Sep 1 2012, In : Nanotoxicology. 6, 6, p. 614-622 9 p.

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Variation in senescent-dependent lung changes in inbred mouse strains

Huang, K., Mitzner, W., Rabold, R., Schofield, B., Lee, H., Biswal, S. & Tankersley, C. G., Apr 1 2007, In : Journal of applied physiology. 102, 4, p. 1632-1639 8 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Waterpipe tobacco smoke: Characterization of toxicants and exposure biomarkers in a cross-sectional study of waterpipe employees

Kaplan, B., Sussan, T. E., Rule, A., Moon, K., Grau-Perez, M., Olmedo, P., Chen, R., Carkoglu, A., Levshin, V., Wang, L., Watson, C., Blount, B., Calafat, A. M., Jarrett, J., Caldwell, K., Wang, Y., Breysse, P., Strickland, P., Cohen, J., Biswal, S. & 1 others, Navas Acien, A., Jun 2019, In : Environment international. 127, p. 495-502 8 p.

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